Become the Newest Financial Beginnings Board Member.
We are seeking thought partners to join our growing National Board of Directors and help usher in a new era for Financial Beginnings USA.

After a full year of engaging in a collaborative in-depth strategic planning process, Financial Beginnings is poised to launch the 2022-2025 strategic plan. During this next business cycle, we are setting out to establish several new state offices, grow our strategic partnerships, and adopt technological advancements to further our mission.

We cannot do this work alone!

Do you believe in the positive impact of financial education? Do you want to support a nonprofit through strategic thinking and guidance? Do you want to help us reach more individuals with our impactful programming? Join others who are passionate about financial literacy and dedicated to our collective cause and mission.

Become a board member and you will:
Exercise fiduciary responsibilities as a governing board.
Serve as a Financial Beginnings advocate and ambassador.
Personally contribute financially.
Appeal to your spheres of influence to become financial supporters.
Frequently asked questions surrounding board membership:
What is the organization's mission and vision?
Mission: Financial Beginnings empowers youth and adults to take control of their financial futures. We provide educational programs that incorporate all aspects of personal finance to give individuals the foundation they need to make informed financial decisions.

Vision: Financial Beginnings is the pathway to a financially literate nation. In a financially literate nation, individuals cease to see finances as a barrier and instead view them as a tool to realize their dreams. In a financially literate nation, individuals are vested in and contribute to a healthy economic system nationally, regionally, and in their own neighborhood.
What is the board's role in fundraising?
Each board member is asked to make a personal gift to Financial Beginnings USA. It is preferred that board members provide their personal contribution through automatic means such as employer withdrawal, United Way, or monthly contributions directly to Financial Beginnings.

Board members are asked to leverage their contacts to help solicit partnerships. It is also expected that board members maintain the organization they work for, if feasible, as a financial donor and leverage their relationships to obtain additional sponsors. Most of the organizations that are represented on the board contribute approximately $25,000 to $100,000 annually.

Board members are also invited to take part in the occassional site visit from a potential donor. Most importantly, the board members act as ambassadors and make introductions to help Financial Beginnings further its mission.
What are the top focuses of the board over the next year?
Strategic plan implementation as it relates to national expansion, advocacy, program innovation, impact assessment, corporate philanthropy, and CEO succession.

Recruiting and retaining board members to align with new strategic plan.

Restructuring board goverance.

Aligning representation of the board to the communities Financial Beginnings serves.
What are the ways you think I can contribute as a board member?
There are numerous opportunities to contribute, including:

Be an ambassador for Financial Beginnings.

Provide expertise and strategic thinking for various aspects of operating the organization.

Support the CEO.
How is the board organized?
The board is in a transition period right now. Currently, there are six board members. The plan is to build the Financial Beginnings USA Board as the newest strategic plan is launched, matching strategic needs with board recruitment efforts.
How much time is required?
Approximately 30-50 hours are required annually. Some typical time commitments include:
  • Four in-person board meetings held quarterly (total of 6 hours)
  • Four as-needed conference calls between board meetings (total of 2 hours)
  • Half-day annual board retreat (total of 4 hours)
  • Fundraising - annual event, one-on-one meetings, etc. (total of 8 hours)
  • Other projects and committee work (total of 12 hours)
The Future We Envision
Financial Beginnings has a clear vision of the society we want to create and how best to get there. Take a peek at this vision then help us realize it by becoming a board member.