Financial Beginnings is the pathway to a financially capable nation.
We're a national nonprofit that provides accessible and unbiased financial education programming to youth and adults in schools and community-based organizations across the country.

The generosity of community members, volunteers, businesses, and foundations enables Financial Beginnings to provide all our programs at no cost to learners and educational partners. We deliver programming to tens of thousands annually, serving K-12 and adults, and prioritizing groups from low-to-moderate income (LMI) households.

Our Mission
Financial Beginnings empowers youth and adults to take control of their financial futures.
Our Vision and Theory of Change
The Society We Want To Create: A financially capable and literate nation where individuals are vested in and contribute to a healthy economic system nationally, regionally, and in their neighborhoods.
Our Vision For The Future: A world where individuals cease to see finances as a barrier and instead view them as a tool to realize their dreams.
Our Theory of Change: View an illustration of the path we hope to create for learners and the broader community.
Our Values
Welcome to the heart of our organization, where our values guide our actions both within our team and throughout our broader interactions. Whether you're a Financial Beginnings learner, volunteer, partner, or team member, these values are our commitment to you and our entire community.

We Champion Collaboration
Emphasizing the power of teamwork, trust, and partnerships to achieve our mission and create positive impact.
Together, we're unstoppable!

We Embrace Empathy
Demonstrating compassion and care by fostering a supportive, nurturing, and fun environment.
You matter to us.

We Elevate Empowerment
Focusing on uplifting individuals by encouraging personal growth, passion, and success for all.
You've got this!

We Illuminate Integrity
Taking pride in delivering accurate, engaging, and unbiased information, to make informed decisions accessible.
Constant improvement is our goal.

We Embody Inclusion
Centering diversity and equity, ensuring that everyone's voice and experiences are heard, respected, and valued.
You, just as you are, belong here.

Making Meaningful Progress!
We've helped financially empower more than 250,000 people since our inception in 2005.