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Bringing Programming to Life

Volunteers are critical to Financial Beginnings' success. Financial Beginnings offers several volunteer roles. Please contact your local affiliate for more information and to sign up for an upcoming volunteer orientation.

Teaching Programming in the Classroom & Community

The largest of our volunteer opportunities is teaching our programs to youth and adults in the classroom and in the community. Volunteers bring our programs to life! Volunteers serve as positive role models, and they engage participants with their personal and professional life experiences. Instead of reciting from a textbook, volunteers rely on real issues - saving for college, buying a home, and the ramifications of bad credit - to teach financial principles. Volunteers then guide participants through activities such as making a budget or reviewing credit reports to reinforce those principles. Teaching opportunities include presenting programming in a group setting and/or serving as a financial coach to provide one-on-one support.

Event Planning & Support

Volunteers also provide valuable support for our many events including special all-school or district-wide presentations, Unraveling the Mysteries of Your Money forums, fundraising events, Lunch & Learn gatherings, and the Financial Literacy Conference.

"My credit has gone up 50 points since I took the class and it is all because I am now better informed about what affects my credit score and how to improve it." - Adult Participant