Financial Beginnings develops a comprehensive strategic plan every three years.
We believe in the value of establishing goals to drive organizational decision- making.

The success of Financial Beginnings rests in the organization's strategic approach to mission delivery. During the years we engage in strategic planning, staff and stakeholders meet to reflect on past years' performance and decide what goals and objectives should be followed in the years to come. This intensive exercise both energizes the team and provides new direction on organizational priorities.

A new strategic planning period is upon us. We are currently developing our next three-year plan and hope to share it out soon. Goals for 2018-2021 are listed below, which will serve as starting points for current strategic planning exercises.

Expand and refine programs and curricula

Grow geographically

Formulate strategic alliances to support systemic change

Align internal capacity with external needs: funding, infrastructure, and staffing

Ensure programs meet the needs of diverse populations

Refine organizational and affiliate governance and performance measures

2018-2021 Strategic Plan
The last Financial Beginnings strategic plan is available for full review.